If you want to enter the domain of private rented accommodation for the first time then there are many significant decisions to be made; where to live, who to live with, how much money to spend etc.

Inappropriately, most students blunder through the experience and suffer the consequences of their blunders. Those consequences can be very thoughtful.

Mostly students move straight from the family home into rented place.

Before you go to a rental property you must have to consider these aspects:

  • Set your rental budget
  • Score and compare each property
  • Check credit rating

Many students want to live in shared accommodation and search the good people to live with is also as significant as finding the correct property.

If you live with your housemates, you will feel like home. Friendships and personal situations can change your desire,

There are several companies in Sheffield who target the student housing market. Many offices close to the University or other places.

Some negotiators just organise the early letting, while others oversee the property throughout the contract. Be aware that these companies charge fees for many things like management and credit orientation checks.

The charges are sometimes high and non-refundable. The fees should be clearly clarified before the sign and should only be charged when you take a specific property.

Always go for a written contract for any money you pay to an agent or property owner. Do not pay any fee except you are sure about property, you must read and understand the contract and then you can meet the terms of the letting.

Capland properties provide excellent student accommodation in Sheffield for over 50 years. We have superiority in maintaining good standards throughout the property portfolio.

We will ensure that you enjoy the best experience while living and studying in Sheffield.

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