What Do Construction Lawyers Do?

What Do Construction Lawyers Do?

Construction lawyers have a part to play in the building industry. Of course, you probably don’t think you need to have a construction lawyer unless something goes wrong but that’s not entirely accurate. A construction solicitor can be useful to have at any stage of the build – they could even prevent problems from occurring. So, what do construction lawyers do and why do you need one?

Understanding the role of a construction lawyer

A construction lawyer is a solicitor that advises people on construction law. They can be involved from the start of a building project or advice should a problem arise. Remember, the construction industry has specific regulations over planning, design and other structural issues. Construction lawyers can offer their expert legal opinion over specific areas of the law to ensure things are done correctly. It’s always good to have a specialist on hand to help.

What can construction lawyers help with?

Construction lawyers can advise you on payment issues, delays, building variations, defects and much more. The solicitor can help contractors, property owners and development companies alike. They can also work alongside suppliers, trade contractors, consultants, managers, subcontractors, developers and more.

When do you need a construction lawyer?

Construction lawyers should be hired as soon as you take on a construction project. They are there to offer advice and help with most stages of the build. Solicitors help with various legal matters too, including employment law, government contracts, defects and more. They ensure guidelines are followed and regulations are adhered to. A construction solicitor can also represent you during contract negotiations and disputes.

How can you benefit from a construction lawyer?

Construction lawyers help in many capacities including when you need to file a lawsuit. For example, you are a subcontractor. You fulfilled the terms of your contract but are not paid by the development company. A construction lawyer can step in on your behalf and seek a resolution. A solicitor could negotiate a settlement with the employer or represent you in civil court.

Get help from the professionals

Construction has many regulations and it’s crucial your construction project goes smoothly. So, it’s best to have a construction lawyer on side from the start. They are familiar with this field of law and can advise you on a variety of things. A construction solicitor can also be useful for all those in the building trade, from developers to contractors and everyone in between. Construction lawyers are there to help, so use their services wisely.

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