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Photographic Studio Spaces London

Photographic Studio Spaces London

Finding a hidden gem like our studio that is nestled in the heart of London’s artistic and creative hub in of the West End might seem hard to come by.

Look no further; we are available and easily accessible…

Whether you are a professional in the industry, a hobbyist, or simply trying out a new talent; finding a well-equipped, suitable photographic studio in London isn’t an easy request. We are proud to be seen as a go-­‐to favourite among industry leaders when they need a space in London.

Our team are on hand to assist in queries, technical issues, equipment hiring or advice. With green and blue screened rooms to green rooms, makeup studios and kitchen facilities; you can find a fully functional, high-­‐tech photographic studio that will work to your needs.

With a photographic studio, you are able to shoot all the material you need while not having to worry about external lighting, issues with permits, weather or public spaces. So, despite the weather, time of year or other external situations, you can generate a perfect visual.

Effectively you can create, from scratch the artistic direction you want to take. For our clients, choosing Mount Pleasant Studios has been a no-­‐brainer. It is their one-stop-shop for equipment hire, helpful and handy customer care staff and studio space hire including an abundance of options on lighting and camera equipment.

With 3 different studios varying in size and shape, we have what you need for your photoshoots and filming requests.

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