Luxury Gifts Make for a Memorable Special Occasion

Based in London and Dubai, luxury gifts supplier Goldgenie International specializes in supplying quality and bespoke luxury gifts to individuals and corporations you love and value.

All our items come complete with lifetime warranty and assurance that only the finest precious metals, stones, and technical ability have been used.

Our specialist team will provide you with a Luxury gift not readily available from normal high street stores, making your present that little bit more special and heartfelt.

With customizations ranging from luxurious 24k Gold to Platinum, Swarovski crystals and VS1 Diamonds, Goldgenie have you covered.

Items for Tech Lovers

luxury gifts

Goldgenie luxury gifts range from the latest smartphone technology such as the 24k Gold Samsung Galaxy S20 range, the iconic customized in 24k Gold iPhone 11 Pro/Max Range, 24k Gold Apple watch 5 range, 24k Gold Huawei P30 Pro, Gold Blackberry Porsche Design and our very own and completely unique Swarovski crystal wireless computer mice.

Luxury Corporate Gifts

Goldgenie can create your own line of luxury corporate gifts to present to colleagues, companies you are looking to do business with or simply as rewards for hard-working staff.

Goldgenie can also create white label’ products so you too can supply your own line of Luxury Gifts with our very own unique branding that can be delivered directly to your customers, maybe you are celebrating your first 10 years in business, or want to create awareness and PR around a product if so Goldgenie is perfectly positioned to help supply Luxury corporate gifts such as branded 24k Gold plated USB sticks, microphones, tablets, and smartphones or even i-Ching coins or Bullion jewelry made from pure 999.9 Gold.

Real Roses Preserved in 24k gold and Platinum



Goldgenie also supplies real roses that have been preserved in pure 24k Gold or Platinum, which is by far our best-selling luxury gift.

The complete range consists of red, white, purple, pink customized in pure 24k Gold, complimented our all Platinum and 24k Gold Rose.

Swarovski Crystal & Diamond Options

Ranging from Swarovski crystal shoes and clutch bags to Diamond encrusted smartphones, Goldgenie has a range of luxury gifts available from or Dubai and London locations or by purchasing online from our fully encrypted website.

Visit our luxury gifts for him and her website sections for what to purchase for the man or woman who has everything.

Remember a gift wrapped in genuine 24k Gold, Swarovski crystals or Diamonds has the power to win the heart of anyone, male or female

Luxury Corporate Gift ideas

Goldgenie can and will create the perfect present or luxury corporate gift for the person or entity you want to impress.

We advise if you do not see what you want at our online or retail store then remember to customize most items to suit your taste from jewelry, watches and car keys, from cars, motorbikes, and yachts, to Antiques and Religious Artefacts Goldgenie can just about do anything, within reason.

Gold Plate Apple Watch

The right luxury cooperate gift can and often does win multi-million-pound contracts the world over, people like to be flattered, especially when it’s wrapped in gold, perhaps a small price to pay and a strategy definitely overlooked by many is buying a present for the person you want to impress, those who understand this simple fact are able to move forward quickly especially in corporate practices and circles, sad but true, so don’t underestimate what your own luxury corporate gifts range can and will do for your business, or at least allocating a budget for impressing clients, new business associates or what rewarding your loyal team can do for your own organization, the doors it will open and the people who will feel that all their hard work was not in vain.


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