Why Sash Window Restoration Is A Job For Professionals

There’s more to sash window restoration than you might expect. Many people think of sash window restoration as a relatively simple building/carpentry job, but the truth is that there’s a fair amount of expertise required. That’s why you need to hire sash window restoration experts to ensure that the job is done perfectly.

Today, we’ll be taking a look at what professional sash window restorers do and whether you should consider restoration or replacement for your sash windows.

What Does Sash Window Restoration Entail?

First things first, when you hire professionals to restore your sash windows, they should run an inspection to see what the damage is and assess how much work they’ll need. Good workmanship isn’t about finding as much work as possible, but about doing the right job in the right place. With that in mind, step one of sash window restoration will be an assessment to see what work – if any – needs to be done and how long you can expect it to take.

From there you can expect the restorers to carefully remove the window from the frame so that they can work on it safely. Damaged parts will then be replaced while any parts that can be repaired will be. Any materials such as wood or glass will get refurnished and – where appropriate – repainted.

Finally, the window will be reinstalled, good as new.

What Makes Sash Window Restoration Such An Expert Job?

The thing you have to understand about sash window restoration is that sash windows have quite an intricate mechanism. Furthermore, that mechanism has to be designed to function in all temperatures and to stand up to the elements around the year.

Oftentimes, the sash windows in need of repair, restoration, or replacement are the ones that have lasted for years, and it’s not always obvious what the cause of the problem is. Sometimes the problem is the result of regular wear and tear, but it can also be due to more complicated issues that require some thought. Good sash window restoration experts are people who’ll know what the potential cause is likely to be and will be able to offer a longer-term solution to the problem.

Should You Have Your Sash Windows Restored Or Replaced?

Generally speaking, many people choose sash window restoration over replacement both because it’s less expensive and because some sash windows are old enough to have historical value. That being said, there are also benefits to replacing old sash windows with ones made using modern materials and techniques.

Ultimately, however, this is something you should consult your restorer with before going ahead with any work as they’ll be able to give you better advice in the long run.

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