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What Front Doors are the Safest?

What Front Doors are the Safest?

No matter where you live, the security of your home is probably a top priority. Your home houses all the people and possessions that you care about the most, so you don’t want people to be able to waltz in off the street. As you are probably aware doors are one of the most common entry points for intruders. So, what door should you choose to offer you the best security and protection possible?

Composite Front Doors

One of the best types of security front doors are made of composite, this material is made up of reinforced plastic, insulating foam and wood. This combination of material results in a door that is far tougher than your average. Composite front doors are highly durable and won’t easily be kicked in. They also will often come fitted with high quality locking systems, making them a good security front door for your home.

uPVC Front Doors

uPVC Front Doors

uPVC doors are one of the most popular choices when it comes to security front doors. Not only are they made of an extremely strong and durable material, but they are also very thermal efficient and low maintenance. uPVC has a great resistance to rotting and warping, meaning you are also protected against your door deteriorating over time which could lead to the door becoming penetrated easier.

Aluminium Front Doors

Aluminium Front Doors

Aluminium doors have been used in commercial contexts for many years, as they offer exceptional strength and durability. However, advances in design and production have meant aluminium doors have had a makeover. You will now be able to find sleek, minimalist options that suit your home and act as great security front doors.

Timber Front Doors

Timber doors look great and they also act as great security front doors, but you should make sure you are opting for a thick, sturdy timber door, at least 44m thick. Although they are great doors, the natural material that makes up the door has its drawbacks. Timber doors require a lot more upkeep and maintenance if you want to retain the integrity of the wood and make sure it stays impenetrable.

Choose Your Lock Wisely

The security of any door also relies on the type of lock you use. Even the most solid door imaginable won’t help you much if you fit it with a standard, single knob lock. You should fit your door with a number of different locks. You may want to consider deadbolts and euro profile cylinders, but if you have any questions speak to a professional and get a quote written up that has your exact needs in mind.

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