What Are The Benefits of 24 Hour Care?

Whether you’ve had a recent health emergency, recovering from an operation, or living with a condition that makes daily chores that little bit more difficult, 24/7 hour care provides you with the ultimate support as well as independence you need to live a happy and fulfilled life. 

When you need extra support with basic tasks, it’s easy to feel like a burden on your close relatives, friends and even neighbours. 24 hour care can ensure you can rely on a team of carers for help with anything you require. From pain and symptom management, to general companionship, our round the clock care services are here to help. 

Feeling safe and secure in your own home can ensure you can get back on your feet as quickly as possible, or start to implement a healthy routine with the support of a live-in carer. 

As a highly trusted live in carer, passionate about providing the most comforting live in care option to a community of people who need it most, we’ve rounded up the top benefits that 24 hour care can have for your loved one. 

Feels like family

We understand that having a stranger come and stay can feel daunting, and initially off putting when looking at care options. Yet with a qualified, regulated and incredibly friendly team, there’s no better option that will have you feeling relaxed and safe in the long run. Our carers have all been hand selected as they come to us with years of care work experience. However we then train them to provide care services that live up to our impeccable standards. Our services come personally recommended, with hundreds of positive accounts of satisfied customers, who now see their carers like close family. After sitting down and hearing our client’s specific care needs, directly from them or close relatives, we will match a carer based on their expertise and shining personality. Companionship around the clock is something we’re passionate about providing. 

Person-centred care

The personal nature of 24 hour care means our carers take a holistic approach when delivering personal, practical and psychological care and support. No person is the same, nor their situation and we see past symptoms and conditions to look at the whole person, and judge a care plan based on this value. Unlike a care home, where care is being delivered to a multitude of people at one time, we care for people one at a time, in a setting that feels familiar, comfortable and accessible. Person centred care is paramount to us, and we work hard to communicate with the external multidisciplinary team including doctors and nurses, to ensure we have everything we need to provide the most personable and sensitive care services. 


There’s nothing more frightening than the prospect of one’s independence being taken away in the blink of an eye. Ill-health does not have to result in this, contrary to popular belief. 24 hour care provides security and support, yet retains individual independence. You can roam around your own home as you please, and call on support when you’re in need. With 24 hour support, dignity of the individual is prioritised. We always find that after a few weeks of having a live-in carer there to support you, and help establish a daily routine that promotes health, wellbeing and encourages socialsing, you can begin to enjoy greater independence than ever before. 

A peace of mind for your close circle

When health complications arise, an individual’s close circle usually steps in to help with chores and act as an emotional crutch. Although this is always an act of kindness and love, and never feels like a burden, pressure can start to build which can even affect their own wellbeing in the process. If you have an elderly parent that relies on you for most activities, you’ll understand the overwhelming feeling of guilt and anxiety that can come as a voluntary caregiver. However you don’t have to live this way. 24 hour care services, carried out by professionals who strive to make life easier for people, are the key to ensuring you maintain a peace of mind and that your daily routine is not impacted negatively. This allows you to pop in for a cup of tea and a chat with your loved one, and leave them in good hands when you have to rush off to work or to pick the kids up. 

Rachel has over 5 years of content writing experience.

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