Weddings, Divorces, And The Years In Between: A Five Minute Guide To The Basics Of UK Marriage Law

Many people dream of getting married, but not so many take the time to look into the ins and outs of marriage law. Marriage law can be a complicated topic and, over the course of many years, various issues can arise. This is why, at some point, many married couples will require the services of a family solicitor.

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Whether your marriage is long and happy or a bit of a rocky road, family solicitors are here to help you through the legal complexities. Today we’d like to talk a little about marriage laws, what family solicitors do, and how you might benefit from the services of one.

Prenuptial Arrangements

From start to finish, a marriage is a legal contract and, while it might not sound romantic, there’s good reason to treat it as such. Although a marriage is very much an expression of a couple’s love, it’s also a legal framework to handle your finances and one that both parties should enter into in full awareness. That’s why it’s good to make prenuptial arrangements.

Some people consider prenuptial arrangements as tacky or unromantic but there are actually many valid reasons to get a prenuptial arrangement. For example, some couples prefer to retain a sense of financial independence from one another by drawing a clear line between their assets while others find that such arrangements can lead to tax complications.

While prenuptial agreements aren’t for everyone they are well worth talking through with your partner before getting married.

The Legal Responsibilities Of A Married Couple

Under UK law married couples also have legal responsibilities to one another. These include financial support, property rights, fidelity, and custody of children. Many of these responsibilities can be amended and adjusted through prenuptial arrangements but either way, it’s important to have a full understanding of your responsibilities before getting into a marriage and a family solicitor can help you with this.

Divorce Proceedings

Divorce proceedings are always hard. Emotions tend to run high and even between amicable parties it can be difficult to please everyone. That being said, with a good family solicitor, these kinds of issues can be worked out fairly and tactfully with all parties being represented.

Wills, Next Of Kin, And What To Do With Your Estate

Married couples often put off arranging their wills and this can cause legal troubles down the line. It’s always tragic when somebody we love passes away but legal complications between families can make things so much harder. Making arrangements in advance with a discrete family solicitor is the best way to ensure that your wishes are carried out as you intend them to be.

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