The Benefits of Exterior Cladding in Eco-Friendly Architecture

In modern architecture, one of the most important factors to consider is environmental impact and the best architects will aim to use materials that are more conducive to an eco-friendly design. In a nutshell, exterior cladding is just that, a modern, low-cost, easy to produce material that can help to minimise a building’s carbon footprint.

Today, we’ll be taking a closer look at the environmental benefits of exterior cladding and why you should consider it for your next building project.

Improved Energy Efficiency

At its core, environmental architecture often comes down to one crucial factor: how energy efficient is it? In other words, how well insulated is the building?

As part of a holistic approach to insulation, exterior cladding is an excellent material to work with. Thin and easy to apply, exterior cladding gives the architect more aesthetic control over the outside of the building without needing to compromise on the interior materials. Furthermore, it’s a high-quality material and it is therefore less prone to heat transfer.

Durable & Easy to Maintain

Another major consideration in eco-friendly architecture is the lifespan of a material. It’s all well and good to keep the heat in, but if your building needs costly maintenance and refurbishment every few years then the design is both expensive and wasteful.

The beauty of exterior cladding is that, although affordable and easy to apply, it’s also a highly durable material, meaning that it will last for many years. This has the added benefit of making the building cheaper to run.

Here at Advanced Construction Systems, we’re proud to say that our exterior cladding has a minimum design life of 60 years and has excellent properties when it comes to withstanding wind and fire damage as well as hard and soft body impacts. Not only will this keep your building looking clean and pristine, but it’ll also extend the lifespan of the materials, minimising your environmental impact in the long term.

Looking For High Quality Exterior Cladding?

If you’re looking for the very best in high quality exterior cladding then you can’t go wrong with our range. Here at Advanced Construction Systems, our products are effective, affordable and easy to install. They’ve also got all the eco-friendly benefits you’d expect from modern building materials.

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