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Spray Paint Tips for a Great Looking – MYLANDS Paints

Spray Paint Tips for a Great Looking - MYLANDS Paints London

Using spray paint on your furniture, walls, doors and fences is a great way to spruce up tired looking corners of your home or office space. Make your place feel fresher, cleaner all while adding extra value.

10 Smart SpraPainting Tips for a Great Looking Paint Job

At Mylands, we have a qualified team of professionals who can offer you advice before you get started, but we thought it might be helpful to give you some top tips to get you on your way.

  1. Test it out – Start with a Getting a sense of the pressure of the can pump while setting the tone for how to develop the perfect, smooth approach to spraying.
  2. Clean-Up – To avoid bumps and bubbles make sure you clean your surface well. Sanding, scraping and dusting, while are great first steps, using a vacuum to gather up additional bits will make for a smooth and clean
  3. Size could matter – If you choose to spray paint large surfaces or furniture take care and lay down a drop cloth; whilst arguably less messy than the roller and brush, splashes and spits can occur. Better safe than
  4. Variety – Some items needed stronger or are more water-­‐resistant finish. Primers, gloss, matt, colour options. At Mylands we can help choose the right paints to get you started. Many surfaces require different protection. We are happy to
  5. Crack a window – a well-­‐ventilated area is a safe area. Paints can be toxic by nature, so either spray painting outside where possible or make sure windows and doors are open to keep fresh air running throughout your
  6. Be Safe – use durable gloves and protective Spray paint can be tricky the first time you use it so being prepared is no mean feat.
  7. Shake Well – This may seem obvious but shaking the can will ensure you get a more even, smoother overall finish. Once the paint is mixed in the can, you can rest assure that the colour will be perfectly consistent
  8. Protection – Add a This isn’t absolutely necessary but can be incredibly rewarding and useful for a longer-lasting finish and glossier look.
  9. Confidence – If you are spray painting multiple surfaces, always do a little test on a scrap piece of card or rubbish. Spray painting needs a good, consistent action and plenty of confidence.
  10. Keep Out of the Way and get spraying!

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