Road Accidents Can Be Devastating To Taxi Driver’s Incomes – We’re Here To Make A Change

Every job comes with its hazards, but for taxi drivers, road accidents can be a real nightmare. Injuries and upfront expenses aside, a road accident can take away your main source of income for days or even weeks, which will only worsen the financial impact. This is why taxi replacements are crucial to maintaining income through this difficult time, and that’s where we can make a difference.

Fast Taxi Replacements

When it comes to taxi replacements, speed is an absolute priority. If you’re a full-time taxi driver looking to get back out on the road as fast as possible then we can help you. We’ll get you an appropriate taxi replacement in around four hours while also arranging for your usual vehicle to be taken in for repairs.

That means that if you’re fit to get back out on the road then you’ll be able to do just that. This way you can save yourself the worry and stress of waiting around for news and get back out there doing what you do best.

Recovery Services Across The United Kingdom

Here at Pearl Assistance, we’re set up to help you no matter where you are in the country. Just contact our 24-Hour recovery service and we’ll be out there in no time. We have good relations with over a hundred different reputable repair services up and down the country so no matter where you are, we’ll be able to get your vehicle to a garage by the end of the day.

We Cater To A Wide Range Of Vehicles

Of course, not all taxi replacements are the same. Whether you drive a London cab or a minivan, we’ve got a replacement for you. Our wide range of taxi replacement vehicles covers just about every kind of taxi you can imagine so you’ll be able to keep going as normal.

When Accidents Happen, We’re Here To Help

Accidents don’t have to derail your life – at least, not if there’s someone nearby to offer a helping hand. Furthermore, while all that’s taking place we’ll make sure to recover any uninsured losses resulting from accidents where the other driver is at fault. With our fast, well-organised, appropriate taxi replacements, you can sit back in the knowledge that your income is safe from irresponsible drivers and unfortunate or unlucky situations.

For more information about what to do if you’re involved in a taxi vehicle accident that isn’t your fault and how to get a taxi replacement later that day, contact us at 020 7993 2577 or fill out the form on our website.

Rachel has over 5 years of content writing experience.

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