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Photocopier Rental & Office Equipment Rental Hire – PAW PRINT

Photocopier Rental & Office Equipment Rental Hire - PAW PRINT


PAW PRINTBuying Photocopiers and office equipment such as printers can be incredibly costly. Not only can they date quickly but if anything goes wrong, it is down to you to get it fixed, every time.

This can be a menial task and can often be incredibly frustrating and can be costly.


Paw Print Specialists in London for Photocopier Rental and Office Equipment Rental Hire

At Paw Print, we are leading specialists in London on all thing’s office equipment and photocopier rental. With competitive rates and a guaranteed customer care service, we are confident that we can provide you with the equipment and the service your business deserves.

With a variety of Photocopiers, printers and large format printers on offer for hire, we can provide you with equipment that best suits your organisation.

So, why hire your office equipment on this scale?

  1. Keep it Fresh – You will have an entitlement to upgrade and always get the newest technology – If this is your preference, you can happily choose from any of our models to ensure you are getting the product that most suits your company’s
  2. Return on Investment – large expenses might not be a smart move for your business right now. By renting, you can keep costs
  3. Repair and Maintenance Service -­‐ we have a skilled team that is on hand; all part of the package.
  4. While you Grow – Your needs may change year on year. Your company may grow, the requirements may increase, making large financial decisions too early, an be incredibly detrimental.
  5. Flexibility – We have a variety of rental  Contact us today to discuss how we work.

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