Importance of Parrot Toys

As we know, people become more aware of birds’ emotional and mental needs in the form of toys, hunting, and items to destroy is a significant part of a bird’s daily life. In the forest, parrots use nuts, branches, feathers, leaves, and fruit for play. Moreover, it is also including any attractive or interesting object.

Inappropriately, there are currently no rules or regulations that administer the safety of parrot toys. Simply acquiring a toy from the market for parrots is not an assurance that it is safe for your bird. Ideal toys that are safe for parrots are ones that can be safely used, torn up, or chewed without causing any injury. Parrots are smart and innovative creatures. There are some useful guidelines for selecting safe toys for your parrots.

Metal and rusty toys:

Many toys have metal parts like lead, copper, and zinc can be really poisonous for parrots. On the other hand, stainless steel is safe and good, so toys made of stainless steel are suitable for parrots. If you are using nickel-plated, aluminum, or chrome parts, please be alert or aware to remove such toys as soon as there is any staining, rust, or cracking.

Foreign bodies:

Apart from fibers, parrots can also eat other items such as plastic rings, balls, and metal chain. Before giving the toys to parrots please ensure that any piece from the toy is either too big to fit into your bird’s mouth or too small, or even is completely decomposable. Be aware such a toy is not safe for your parrots.


There are many other dangerous materials like glues, dyes, etc that can find in bird toys are very harmful. You should aware of these things. In the market, child-safe glues and food dyes are available and these are likely to be safe for birds. Unprocessed pine is good for general chewing, but avoid treated wood because it mostly contains arsenic.

Toys that are safe for parrots:

There are many things we see in our daily life which can be used as parrot toys.

parrot toys




  • Branches from safe or non-toxic trees, hard-shelled nuts or soft-shelled nuts hat can open easily like pecans and almonds.
  • Food items are the most popular toys for parrots. Let’s suppose placing a bunch of broccoli on the top of a birdcage where the bird can pull it through the bars to eat broccoli, it is also a time-consuming work as well. If unsalted butter thinly spread on the inside of a half-coconut case will keep a bird or parrot busy.
  • Natural toys, like vegetables or fruits dark skin, natural wood, organic pine, and natural seeds and flowers, give hours and a lot of fun to a parrot.

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