What You Need To Know About Hedge Removal

What You Need To Know About Hedge Removal

Think hedge removal is simple? Well, think again. In the UK, regulations and laws surround the removal of hedges. While that might sound a bit strange to some, it’s very much true. There are laws for boundary, garden and countryside hedge removal. It’s a must to understand what these mean for you. So, what do you need to know before removing a hedge?

What are the rules over hedge removal?

Typically, permission will be needed when you wish to remove a hedge that acts as the main boundary between you and your neighbour. Also, if the hedge borders common or agricultural land, permission from the local authorities might be required. It’s considered a legal offence to remove a hedge without proper permission. While that sounds crazy, it is the law. You should always check with the local authorities before you hire any service to remove hedges on or around your property.

Contact the local authorities for permission

Sometimes, hedge removal permission will not be needed when you’re removing a hedge solely on your property. However, it is best to be sure. So, you might want to contact the local authorities and find out where you stand. If you don’t need permission then you can contact a hedge removal service; if permission is needed, you’ll need to submit the necessary application.

Call the professionals to deal with nuisance hedges

Hedge removal can be difficult. The roots might be deeply buried which must be fully removed to stop further growth. It can be a challenge for anyone, putting hedge removal laws to one side, and that’s why a professional team is needed. Professional removal experts will assess the hedge and take appropriate steps to maintain or remove it. It can be the easier way to deal with the problem and ensure the job is done effectively.

Get in the know before you remove a hedge

A lot of people are not familiar with the UK laws and regulations surrounding the removal of hedges. It might sound very strange to some but if you want to remove a hedge on your property, permission might be required. This is especially true if you’re removing a hedge that’s shared with a neighbour or that joins onto common land. Once you know where you stand, contact professional hedge removal services.

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