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How Long Does Gold Plating Last?

Long-Lasting Gold Plating

The luxury brand Goldgenie delivers efficiently as its anchor and general goal imply. If it doesn’t deliver and satisfy those high expectations over the norm, it wouldn’t be a luxury. Goldgenie helps to step up the iPhone, Samsung, and other tech devices and gadgets and gift items, electronic devices, interior designing artefacts, and many more to be right above the standard rate.


Long-Lasting Gold Plating


Taking the gold iPhone, which is one of the most gold-plated items, there comes an unusual beauty when plated in gold. The glittering and dazzling sight of real gold on the already beautiful iPhone is heavenly; hence, it carries a lifetime warranty.

The gold iPhone carries a lifelong warranty as we are so sure of how long it can exist. With gold plating, your phone and materials do not go into extinction the way a particular phone, for instance, would start to fade from 2 or 3 years after use.

With gold plating, your phone looks astonishing and, more than looks, it’s still very relevant after a lot of years. It still worths more than the latest models that are released. Real good never wears out. Gold plating thus helps increase the life span.

Gold Plating Purity

Gold Plating Purity

Apple is Goldgenie’s certified base, and she corroborates these phones by Goldgenie. In fact, in 2018, she made investments worth millions for more gold plating machines to satisfy the consumers of their product with an extra taste that our expertise at Goldgenie provides.

This will not have been possible if Goldgenie isn’t true to its delivery of qualitative gold iPhone. Our craftspeople assemble carefully and beautifully the best materials through technology to enhance just every aspect of the device, which their expertise through in-depth knowledge and experience creates. We make the interiors of advanced and sophisticated components and technology to match an elegant exterior.


You can gold plate anything, and for anything that’s gold plated, you can be sure that it can last for at least tens of years. You can gold plate tech devices, random materials, cars, etc. Sometimes, people take time to premeditate on something for a while.

When they eventually come up with something spectacular that fits their style, we create these things as they are wanted in the best colours and finest jewel to satisfy their preference. It does satisfy them for a very long time.


Goldgenie has all features to satisfy and deliver overwhelming iPhones with the beauty that can last you a lifetime. Our delivery is also quick and superb as our timing is always on check and goods delivered are always in good condition.

Interestingly, we have access to iPhones even before Apple initially launches, and we take them to finish them in gold. For a lifetime gold-plated artefact, Goldgenie is your best home. We render luxurious customer services just as what our products are about.

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