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Installing a Luxury Bathroom

Installing a Luxury Bathroom

Now is as good of a time as any to install a luxury bathroom. With so many plans being cancelled over the last year such as holidays, weekends away and festivals, now is the perfect time to create a place of serenity in your home, using that extra cash from all your cancelled plans.

A luxury bathroom installation offers you innovative technology, precision design and extremely high-quality features and furnishings. Additionally, stretching your budget and opting for a luxury bathroom can pay dividends in the long run as it will last much longer than a low-end bathroom, which is often a false economy.

Design Ideas for Luxury Bathrooms

Installing a Luxury Bathroom

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If you want to turn your boring bathroom into an sanctuary where you can spend hours unwinding after a long day then you need to think about the design details. Below are some ideas to help you make the most of your space and your luxury bathroom installation.

– Roll top bath: this is a simple yet effective way to give your bathroom a luxury look and feel. Freestanding baths come in a range of styles and prices, so you don’t need to splurge to get the look you want. If you want a statement piece, why not opt for a copper or concrete bath.

– Fit a TV: If you like to spend hours soaking in the tub, you could incorporate a TV into your luxury bathroom installation. These can be built into the wall and covered with waterproof casing to keep them protected.

– Fit a fireplace: Having a fireplace in your bathroom is another unique feature that can become in instant focal point in a space that is often very neutral. A modern gas fireplace can be easily installed into the walls of your bathroom and the flickering flames of the fire are capable of turning any mundane space into a luxury bathroom.

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– Stone walls: a rustic stone wall is another way to differentiate your space from the usual whites, greys and creams that are commonly favoured in bathrooms. If you are not able to make use of stone, why not peel back the plaster and have an exposed brick wall in your luxury bathroom.

– Bring the outside inside: Incorporating plants is another way to give your bathroom that luxury feel. Many plants will thrive in the warm, damp air of a bathroom. You may want to also give your bathroom extra light by installing a sky light, or extending the bathroom window across a whole wall of the room, if you have a view to make use of, just make sure you research the glass you use.

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