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Indian Head Massage – Samsara Mind and Body

Indian Head Massage - Samsara Mind and Body London

“Our bodies communicate to us clearly and specifically, if we are willing to listen” – Shakti Gawain

The ancient, undeniably prevalent and consistently relevant practises that India has bought to the world are countless; from language to yoga, holistic medical relief to spirituality, food, culture and meditation.


One Area That Has Proven to Benefit Repeatedly is The Art Of The Indian Head Massage.

The meridians of the human head are so intrinsically linked to one’s entire body that the overall advantages of an Indian Head Massage can improve the health and wellbeing of the whole body.

Originally encouraging and promoting a healthy head of hair and scalp the benefits started to take form in providing improved blood circulation, elimination of toxins, reducing the effects of stress and tension while reducing muscle tension that can assist in relieving headaches, aches and pains.

At Samsara our beauty therapists are skilled in Indian Head Massages. For our clients it feels as though their entire body and soul has had a unique and precise massage, making them feel relaxed, rejuvenated and often happier.

So, how does it really work, what are the benefits and why chose this treatment over other options?

The therapist will often work begin with the neck, shoulders and upper back before focussing on the head during an Indian Head Massage to help release any tension before really starting work on you.

Releasing blockages and thus diminishing headaches is often the first port of call.

In many cases, this type of treatment can cure insomnia and restlessness by almost instantly dealing with depression, stress and anxiety; all known instigators of sleeplessness and bad tempers.

By supplying the brain with more oxygen through various techniques, the outcome consists of relaxation and ultimate clarity of the mind. Making you feel more productive and less binding through the mind and body.

This kind of massage quite simply gives us a chance to slow down and re-­‐ evaluate, think clearly, regroup and quieten the noise that we have all experienced in an overwhelming sense

Contact us today for a consultation, booking or simply to discuss further what might be the best treatment for you.

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