How to be a good care worker without getting too involved?

Becoming a care worker can be a wonderful experience. The care sector is an industry that is crying out for reliable people to support those in need. With a little training, you can become a fantastic carer and work with some interesting individuals. Of course, you can worry about getting too involved with your patients. It’s a grey area for most but with a little careful thinking, you can be a good care worker without getting too involved.

You must be a caring individual that knows where to draw the line

A care worker will always have a bond with a patient. You see them most days and become friends with them and their families. It’s important to have a bond because the patient needs to trust you. It is necessary to draw a line when it comes to how involved you get with patient care. For example, a patient has complex medical needs. The family wishes to move their relative to another facility for end-of-life care. You don’t agree with the decision.

While you have the right to disagree with the family’s decision, you can’t actively force your objections on the family or patient. Instead, respect the wishes of the family and patient. Being a care worker can be incredible but you do need to know when to step back.

It’s good to have emotional ties to your patients

A lot of people assume there should be no emotional ties between a patient and a care worker. It’s easier said than done, especially since you form bonds with them. In truth, you will have emotional ties to patients and that is fine. You do however need to leave those emotions behind when you go home.

For example, you’re friends with one patient. They have no immediate family and pass away unexpectedly. It’s fine to be upset and shed a tear but you also need to move on for the sake of your other patients. While that sounds cold, it’s the only way to do the job right. You still have other patients to care for.

You should rely on support workers in your time of need

When you become a care worker you are going to form emotional attachments to patients. You see them every day, talk and interact with them. It’s hard not to get involved. Of course, you must draw the line so that you can be a good carer. So, it’s important to work in a care home that has support staff when you need it most.

For instance, you’re new to the industry and have lost a patient. You’re rightly upset and feel unsure about carrying on in the profession. A good support worker can help you through this time. They will guide you through the good days and those tough ones too.

A care worker should be a beacon of friendliness and care

Carers can form bonds with patients because they see them every day and support them. Sometimes, you can get too involved but that’s when you need to take a step back and think of the patient. You should have emotional ties with patients but be able to draw a line so the wishes of the patient and their families are respected.

Remember, a good care worker should be friendly and approachable and put the patient’s needs first.

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