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Families Still Need Homes – Estate Agent Today

Families Still Need Homes - Estate Agent Today

For well over 3 years now, as a nation, we have all had to deal with the thick cloud of uncertainty that has covered our lives all through the drama that is Brexit.

Whilst the uncertainty continues and the country looks, again for answers, it would appear that again we might be divided once again with the looming general election.

So, Can any of Us Really Start Making Plans?

 While the sterling pound has bounced up and down, as have the heads in parliament, the rest of us on the ground cannot stop living. Plans need to be made; futures need to be thought about and yet how can we?

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Discussing Homes Buying, Selling, Moving

Other than this huge ambiguous politic mess we are in nothing really has changed for us, children still need to go to school, we still need to go to work, we all need a roof over our heads and we still need to eat, travel, commute and engage with our communities.

So, when discussing homes buying, selling, moving; we still need to crack on. You might want to move closer to work or better schools, you might want to up or downsize or want to move closer to family and friends; this is something that would need to happen whether Brexit was around or not.

The Housing Market Has Seen Some Stagnant Behavior.

There are fewer houses going on the market but what we have found is those who want to buy are serious buyers and I believe that if the number of attractive properties starts coming to the market we will see change, we will see serious buyers who, regardless of Brexit need change for themselves and their families.

The prediction of the market is tough to call but people still need homes, they need a roof over their heads and that is what is important.

Small businesses are suffering, people are playing a waiting game but in the end, none of that will help. Businesses still need to find customers, the customer still need to spend, people still need to buy a home suitable for their increasing family and so we must grow.

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