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Employment Lawyer – Solicitors London – SW19 Lawyers

Employment Lawyer - Solicitors London - SW19 Lawyers

Whether you are an Employee or Employer; the ever-­‐changing laws of UK Employment law can be complicated and highly sensitive.

Regardless of which angle you are coming from, employment discrepancies can be hugely emotional, time-consuming and in some cases life-changing.

So, how can we help get the outcome you want?

At SW19 Lawyers we are proud to deliver excellent and proactive advice and support in a variety of ways. For years our expert and highly qualified team of lawyers have represented both the employer and employee, we have dealt with a number of unique and obscure cases and understand that the business of employment can be a tricky one.

Employment Law

Making sense of complex legislation and the mandates that regulate and supervise the relationship that resides between employees and employers.

Helping our clients make complete sense of these aspects and best practice advice is definitely our best method.

Whether the organisation is small and still establishing itself, or a huge conglomerate with a ridge HR system; we can work with you on matters ranging from financials, contracts, HR issues through mediation, appropriate correspondence and other alternative resolution processes to find you a solution that works.


Regardless of the size of your company, whether you have an in-­‐house HR and legal team, SW19 Lawyers are often the choice for companies to feel well represented by a trustworthy external alliance.

Taking these types of cases out of the company can free up resources, make situations less awkward between you and the employee and often be more cost-­‐effective in the long run.


When representing the employee we ensure you have all the information you need. We can act as the main contact between you and the employer, we can advise you on current and rightful solutions and procedures that you might be entitled to and we can take the emotion out of the dispute.

Often, when faced with issues relating to your employer, things can get sensitive, awkward and overwhelming; we appreciate this is your livelihood and as such can feel personal.

Often a third party can give the situation space and enable you to make sensible and thoughtful decisions. Tactful, cost-­‐effective and bespoke, our service is tailored to you and your case.

From contentious behaviour, restructures, contract discrepancies to malpractice, training, one-­‐off situations to longer-term projects; our specialists are on hand to give you a full and complete service so situations can be resolved and finalised.

Bookending processes and conflicts mean a cleaner and fully settled outcome.

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