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Garden Clearance

The garden in Eastbourne was an absolute eyesore and home it seemed to every type of vermin known to man. It was a serious health hazard.

We at Clearthelot were there to clear it up and make it safe, as Garden Clearance is one of our specialties.

House Clearance

It was soon after we started work that the first plane went by. It was an old RAF biplane from the days of World War 1. More of their aircraft flew past every so often. Soon it was the time of the Spitfire and the Hurricane, those iconic machines that had cleared the skies of the enemy in World War 2 and helped to make this country safe, as that was their specialty.

We discovered that we were there on the days of their annual airshow. We wondered if we would ever see the like again.

A few weeks later we got a call to do an Office Clearance in new Malden. We do quite a lot of those too. The client was the RAF. When we got there and were half-way through the job we were asked to deal with some very private and important papers, as Confidential Document Destruction is another of our specialties. We used our commercial shredder,

under security conditions, to get rid of this paperwork.



When we were finishing the work, we noticed a poster about the RAF Association. On it was details of how to book a table for 10 people for the 2020 Eastbourne airshow. We joined the Association on the spot and made our application. We were most definitively going to see the like again.

We wanted to be a part of the team that had made us safe in the past, just as we pride ourselves on making the places, where we work, safe and clear. We will be at the show with a few of those who have helped us become what we are. We wish to thank them all.


But that was not the end, as we felt the need to get even more involved. We signed a pledge to become a regular donor to their funds. The RAF Association helps keep the past alive in our minds and to look after those who were members of that part of our armed forces, that have served and still serve this country through thick and thin. They need all the money that they can get.


We at Clearthelot (House Clearance & Garden Clearance Specialists) are proud to be sponsors of the RAFA.


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