Selecting The Best Windows To Suit Your Home

If you’ve never looked into the wide world of windows before then you’ll probably be more than a little surprised to discover just how much variety there is. Oh you might know your double glazed windows from your single-glazed windows and maybe you even recognise the difference between a bay window and a double-hung, but one small step and you’ll see just how far and wide your options really run.

Today, we’ll be taking a look at some of the most popular types of window and how to choose windows that best suit your home.

Start Practical

Before delving into the tantalising world of taste, you should start by considering what you want from your windows. Are you looking for something that’s going to be easy to open on hot summer days? Do you want a style that’s less likely to stick as the temperatures change over the course of the year?

Different types of windows have different strengths and weaknesses and before making any choices you should really have a mental list of what you need.

In terms of practicality, casement windows are probably the most popular choice out there. They’re simple to operate and come in a number of shapes and sizes to suit the individual’s needs. If you’re looking for something similar but with better sealing and ventilation, then awning windows could be a good choice. Awning windows swing open vertically rather than horizontally, which can make them a little more fiddly to use but their shape makes them perfect for some awkward spaces.

Double Glazed Windows Or Triple Glazed Windows?

Another practical consideration should be glazing. Glazing – the number of pains used for each window – is a vitally important part of keeping a house well insulated. Single-glazed windows are increasingly rare these days as they are not only poorly insulated but are also far less sturdy and far easier to smash. Double glazed windows, on the other hand, are pretty much the norm but there is also some call for triple glazing.

Although somewhat more expensive than double glazed windows, triple glazed windows are generally considered better for insulation as they have an extra pane of glass creating an extra air pocket. That being said, you’ll get most of the same effect from double glazed windows at a far more cost-effective price.

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