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Benefits of Giving Gifts to Loved Ones.

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When You Love Someone, You Want To Go All Out For Them To Provide Them With Something You Believe They Will Cherish.

  • Giving gifts is a way of showing love, care, appreciation, or sympathy for people, but not much consideration is usually given to the emotional ambiance of it?
  • What are the emotions you evoke from the recipient of the gift?
  • As the giver of the gift, what emotions are evoked when you give a gift?

The power of a gift lies in the thoughts put into it, not the price or the weight of the gift but the good intentions behind it. Giving of gifts is an art, although only a few have realized it. When we pick a gift for someone, we put a lot of thought into it. We want it to be unique and we don’t want to buy something they already have. We want to pick out something that will be useful and valuable to them.  The essence of a gift, regardless of how big or small, cannot be measured if given with honesty and love and not in expectation of favor or retaliation.

There are many benefits attached to giving gifts to your loved ones and scientifically, it is recommended to give gifts for improved mental health. Here are some of the benefits:

Strengthens Relationships

When you give gifts, you strengthen the bond between two people. It shows that you love and value the person. The recipient of the gift will feel gratitude towards you and there will exist a better relationship between you.

Sometimes, gifts are used to resolve issues, settle quarrels, or reinstate your position with someone after a falling out. It is not uncommon for two people differently opinionated to have quarrels.

You have had a quarrel with your wife and alongside your apology, you give her a rose preserved in 24k gold or maybe it plays out differently, you have had a quarrel with your husband and alongside your apology, you give him a 24k gold plated wrist-watch from Goldgenie, this gesture will strengthen the bond between both.

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Positivity Attracts Positivity


When you give gifts, you promote positivity and a sense of goodness in the other person. The person then goes on to do the same for someone else and it brings about a spread of goodness. The people you give gifts will also be helpful should you need them.

Sense of Satisfaction


Giving gifts gives you a satisfying feeling. When you see someone beaming happily because of the gift you have given them, you feel happy. Knowing that you have a hand in a person’s happiness makes you happy too.

Generosity Can Lead to Healing


When you give, you feel satisfied; when you are satisfied, you feel at ease; when you are at ease, you are happy and when you are happy, you heal. Happiness relives you of burden and unnecessary worries and the act of generosity makes you feel lighter, adds a spring to your steps.

Get that gift for someone you care for today. You may not be able to do it tomorrow.


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