Are Heat Pumps Suitable For Your Home?

If you live in the UK, then now is the time to start thinking about air conditioning. Over the next few decades, UK summers are only going to get hotter and the need for good air conditioning is only going to increase. That being said, traditional air conditioning can take up a lot of energy and, as such, is both expensive and bad for the environment. In turn, many have suggested heat pumps as an affordable, environmental alternative.

But are heat pumps workable for every house? And what alternatives exist for environmental air con?

Why Heat Pumps Are Perfect For The UK Climate

One of the major limiting factors of heat pumps is that they work better in some climates than others. Heat pumps work by moving warm air in and out of the house to either heat or cool it depending on your needs.

In the UK most homes already have central heating to cope with our cold but not particularly hazardous winters. On the other hand, a relative minority of homes have air conditioning because, until recent years, temperatures rarely got high enough to be considered a serious public health hazard.

As a result of climate change, hot summers are already becoming more prevalent, but the UK’s climate is still – and will continue to be – one of the most temperate in the world. This means that, even during some of the more extreme weather events, heat pumps will continue to be an effective method of controlling your internal climate.

Even better, because almost all UK homes already have central heating, during the winter, heat pumps can be used in conjunction with existing systems. The advantage here is that on the few occasions when the weather does drop below freezing, traditional heating systems can fill the gap.

Good Insulation Should Always Be A Priority

It’s worth noting that, great though heat pumps are, they’ll always work at their best in a well-insulated house. If you’re going to invest money in improving your indoor climate control then you should generally always start here. That being said, even in a house with only decent insulation, heat pumps will still be a money saver in the long run, so they’re almost always a worthwhile investment.

Air Con Alternatives

Lastly, it’s worth mentioning that there are alternatives to heat pumps if you’re looking for an environmental air con system. For the most part, these alternatives are traditional air con units that have been designed to maximise efficiency, so while they’re far better than your average air con unit, they can’t really compare to the energy efficiency of heat pumps.

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