I wonder… have you ever been more aware of how often you use your hands until recently?

Your hands are constantly in use, even when you are not thinking about it. Holding on to a barrister coming down the stairs, popping to the shops, filling up your car with petrol, touching your face or even drinking a cup of coffee; the truth is you are always touching, holding, carrying, writing, playing and handling – the list goes on and it is happening all the time. The human hand is constantly working.

As a result and fairly, unsurprisingly we are all more aware of our hygiene habits particularly during this time of global crises.

Hand Sanitizer UK

Hand Sanitizer has fast become the star of the show, helping millions of people around the world feel protected and secure as a result of consistent sanitizing usage. Our ingredients are resilient and robust acting quickly to protect our busy hands by killing off bacteria and microorganisms that cause viral infections and debilitating diseases. Through its antibacterial properties, our 70% alcohol-hand sanitizer works effectively to produce a stronghold barrier with the help of the high content alcohol and quick dry solution.

Whether you and your family are on the move or at home, this handy dis solvent is a great way to feel confident that you are well protected.

We need to care for our hands, for our health and the safety of those around us. Sanitizing your hands regularly while you are on the go needn’t be a worry. For many healthcare professionals, key workers and really, any of us who are out and about, the need to feel protected is paramount to any action we do. Respiratory infections such as COVID-19 are invisible so gaining back some control can be done through self-preservation and choosing an impregnable solution for our most used tools – the hands.

Help stop the spread of disease, at home, at work or in public areas by taking responsibility and keeping hands clean and safeguarded.

Published by William Hunter

Hunter Medical specializes in virus hand sanitation solutions. The supply of 70% alcohol-based hand sanitizer for the COVID-19 outbreak is a not-for-profit venture.

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