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Home Air Conditioning – Air Conditioning Installation Contractors

Home Air Conditioning - Air Conditioning Installation Contractors

Air conditioning system keeps your home or office cool and relaxed, you have to ensure that your A/C system requires regular maintenance to work proficiently.

Home Air Conditioning

Just like other appliance, your air conditioning unit needs maintenance and resolve mechanical problems at some point during its lifetime.

Maintenance and service of spare parts of the air conditioner, such as filters, coils, fins, drains etc. is very significant for the actual operation of AC.

Carelessness in the service and clean-up of AC unit causes in minimise cooling ability and damage to the unit

Maintenance & clean-up of air filters

Dirty and blocked air filters frustrate the normal airflow and overcome the cooling volume of AC system considerably.

If the filter is very dirty, the air flowing bypasses the filter and brings dirt directly to the evaporator coil. Air filter dusting must be done once a month.

Consistent cleaning of air filters effects in proper cooling. Air filter washing is very important if there is fur bearing a pet inside the house.

Cleaning and maintenance of evaporator and condenser coils

The condenser and fan unit is placed outside the house. The outside dirty atmosphere, rain and wind soil the condenser coils.

The dirt and rubbish make it very problematic for the hot air and heat to disperse outside. This poor heat degeneracy results in the heating of condenser and compressor.

So cleaning of condenser coil on a yearly basis is very essential for the condenser to work effectively.

AC installs have a professional team of conditioning service maintenance engineers who carry out full and operative maintenance of your air conditioning unit.

We deliver the best maintenance that will always maximise the life span of equipment, decrease cost as well as ensure service contract and safety of users.

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