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A Guide to Home Refurbishment Costs

There is no quick, or definitive answer to how much your home refurbishment project will cost. In order to get an accurate quote, you should get quotes from between 3-4 contractors, to ensure you are getting a fair price. On top of this you will need to decide what materials you want to use, for example tiles, sanitary ware and fittings, as they can all drastically alter the final cost of your home refurbishment project.

This guidance is by no means definitive, and it is aimed mainly at home refurbishment projects in London and the South East. You should bear in mind that labour costs and materials will vary depending where in the country you are. Nevertheless, this guide can give you a ballpark figure of what to expect.

Costing Estimates

– New Extensions (single storey): £1500-£2500 per square meter. The lower end would be a basic construction with uPVC windows and doors, the higher end would be a complex construction with specialist glazing as part of a wider home refurbishment project in London.

– Major Structural Opening: £3000-£10,000 per opening. A major structural opening is when you are creating an open plan living room or kitchen space, removing a structural wall.

Home Refurbishment

– Loft Conversion: £1500-£2000 per square meter. The cost of this will rise depending on the complexity of the existing roof structure. If your roof layout is particularly complicated it may be worth removing the existing structure completely and installing a new roof as part of your home refurbishment project in London.

– Basement (under existing house): £2250 – £3000 per square meter. Site accessibility and logistics will play a large part in determining the cost of the basement extension.

What Will Affect the Cost?

It is difficult to calculate the exact costs of home refurbishment projects in London, as they can be affected by a huge number of factors. Some of these factors include drainage locations, structural complexity, ground or soil type, property age and even your neighbours as they can help the project move along quickly, particularly if you need a party wall agreement.

The best way to get an idea of the cost of your future home refurbishment project in London is to get in touch with a refurbishment company and get a quote booked in.

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